All We’ve Ever Known

Years fall and all we have left are these hands
Sifting sand, the salted poison of our land

Though our will has grown strong, the path to loam’s a road forlorn
Water drowns when light is gone
And night is all we’ve ever known

A passing rise above a groundless plain
Before the shrine built to hope in vain
We’ve always known the Nothing would soon gain
its calloused way
We let it go too long

Skies roar and all we have left is the sand
Pouring now as blood let from sallow hands

And now it seems the echoes drown
The notion that we’ve always shown
A faultless stride of weighted stone
But waves are all we’ve ever known

Still the tides will draw my eyes
Set as blinds that try to hide
The currents pushing, pulling; torn
Amongst a dead and dying world

And this is all we’ve known
Our hearts turned cold so
we can numb our souls
Yet still we feel the lies we’re told


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